Lea Michele and her Glee co-star Chord Overstreet were spotted performing a rendition of Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles on the set of their hit show

Chord and Lea filming “A Thousand Miles”

Chord and Lea filming “A Thousand Miles” x

marksalling Moody jam sesh with @diannaagron and @chordover

msamberpriley #Foreverfamily! Officially missing you big brother! @harryshumjr make sure you guys look out for Harry in his new movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” the sequel 😘 come back soon! Stop gettin so damn buff 😂

msamberpriley On Prancer! On Dancer! @chordover and Lady Di

chordover @marksalling auditions for Blaine Anderson. He’s at his best! Too bad Darren got replaced! @darrencriss

@chordover Throwback. I Miss this guy! @marksalling again as Blaine

Chord Overstreet Confirms He’s Back For Every Episode of Glee's Final Season

GLEE Season 5 Publicity shoot

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